Crazy Shark Jumps Onto Fishing Boat Causing Chaos

Not, this is not a super realistic movie trailer. Even thought the video you’re about to see looks like a blockbuster movie inspired by the original 1975 Jaws.

Boy, that movie was scary. Fighting a huge and dangerous shark is indeed a movie material. We’ve seen real shark attack before, but none of them were…let’s say brave enough to jump on a boat.

Because that’s only possible in a movie, right?

Well, not exactly.

These fisherman were caught off guard when a shark jumped from the water onto the deck of their boat. The shark even had blood in it’s mouth.

The video was filmed off the coast of Long Island in New York, where the shark got trapped below the guard rail at the bow of the boat.

Thankfully, the blood in its mouth is probably a result from the shark’s vicious attempt to escape. Which means no one was actually injured during the incident.

However, they were all a bit shocked alright!


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