Couple From Australia Films The Biggest Spider We’ve Ever Seen

spider-370We’re all afraid of spiders, and that’s a fact. Regardless of the size, we simply can’t keep calm if there’s a spider in the room. Of course, spiders have the ability to hide…unless we’re talking about the giant huntsman spider.

The infamous huntsman spider is actually harmless to us, humans. The bite is of low risk (non toxic), and they’re under the category of non-aggressive group of spiders.

This all sounds great, but the problem is simple; the huntsman spider is gigantic!


You surely don’t want to find yourself in a room with spider this big. But one family from Australia wasn’t so fortunate. They had an unexpected visitor for dinner time.

Lauren Ansell from Queensland, Australia was cooking the dinner, and he suddenly noticed the dinner plate-sized spider.

They’re not dangerous to humans, but they could bite if provoked.  And how do you get rid of such a beast on a peaceful way?

That’s why the Australia family was a hostage for a while.

This little boy is terrified when he finds one in his canoe, but his reaction is priceless.

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