10 Celebrities Who Didn’t Care About Fame and Found A “Regular” Job

We all dream about being a celebrity super-star at least for a day, just to know how it feels to have everything in life. Actor? Basketball player? It doesn’t matter! As long as we could taste the high life for a moment, we’ll be more than happy to sign up for it.

But it seems like a life of a celebrity is not that perfect after all. The list of celebrities you’re about to see didn’t care about fame, and found a regular job instead!

1. Frankie Muniz

Malcolm in the Middle? Yeap, we all remember Frankie as a talented kid with a bright future in acting. He did get offers to star in movies as an adult, but he had other plans in life. He decided to get involved in sports car races, and even took part in few noticeable competitions.

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