Dash Cam Captures Shocking Moment Of Toddler Walking Into Traffic By Himself

Being a parent is a full time job, especially during the toddler’s age. All kids are different and they all have different personality traits. Some of them are shy and would rather stick to mom’s lap, but others can disappear of your sight in matter of seconds.

Leanne Richards is one of those parents who witnessed a frighteningly close call during a busy intersection in Lancashire, England. She was shocked when her toddler wondered into traffic, crossing a busy road with cars passing him in almost every direction.

Fortunately, a stranger ran into traffic and rescued the little toddler.

It seems that the little boy wandered away from his parents while they were sitting in a nearby pub.

This story has a happy ending, but the video you’re about to see shows why you always have to watch your kids so they don’t get into trouble.

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